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No warranties, expressed or implied are given for this website. This site strives to provide accurate information. However the user assumes all risk for the use of this website.

Books sold through Amazon.com are covered by Amazon's guarantee.
Items sold directly through this website (REXX, ISPF Dialogue Manager) are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, minus shipping charges. Return the item with an explanation.
If something isn't right, contact us at once!
My books are NEW. Used items (if any) are clearly labelled as such.
My books will NOT be sent to foreign countries not listed on the book page. My books will NOT be sent to unconfirmed addresses outside of the USA. Use this link to ask for the shipping address for returning the book (REXX, ISPF Dialogue Manager).

This site uses the United States Postal Service, and follows all applicable laws, and expects you to do so too. [Using USPS for fraud is a serious offense!]

Payment may be made through PayPal (r) for some items. PayPal (r) has verified our status and address. PayPal (r) has been bought by Ebay. This is a good indication of the reliability of PayPal (r).

You can check our selling reputation at Amazon.com and Ebay. We are Webmaster1652.

This website may be used for fun and enjoyment only. Reselling, betting, gambling, or any commercial use is strictly forbidden.

Fools who think they can hijack this site by using the 'formmail.pl' freeware program to send free email at my expense are wasting their time. If they think I am so stupid that I would have a 'formmail.pl' program here that they could hack they are severely deluded.

Don't bother trying to use my forms/cgi to send email to anyone you want. It will be a waste of time.

Automated website downloaders are not welcome and will be booted off. Parasites are hereby served notice that they should get a life and start developing useful things of their own, rather than sponging off the work of others.

Users of products such as WebZip and Webcopier will be forwarded to server limbo.
Those who come fishing for email addresses and plan to use them for spamming: I have a nice page of bogus email addresses for your robots to feast on.
This site reserves the right to refuse links from any site for any reason, and to refuse access from any user for any reason.

Theft of service by hijacking this website to send spam email will be traced with server logs and reported to the parasite perpetrators' ISP's.

The IP addresses of the individuals who send virus mail are blocked. Many of these are in India. The perpetrators are thus responsible for the blocking of access to countless other users. Virus-loaded email has continued. Thus we are blocking more ranges of ip addresses from the countries where the email originates. Those who send the email are responsible for the blockage.

In addition, the perpetrator's IP address will be blocked, as well as entire blocks of IP addresses. This may block other users as well, if their ISP assigns IP addresses dynamically. We are not apologizing for this effect.
The IP address is responsible for much spam and virus-infested email.

Where possible, we will block entire countries where theft of intellectual property is rampant.

Free or Pay? Many people want "free"! When you pay someone for his/her efforts you get a quality product. When you go poking around looking for free things, you get what you pay for.

We don't use cookies for ads.

We don't use pop-ups.

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