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  Just Enough REXX Tutorial
  Setting up to Execute REXX Programs on TSO/ISPF
  How to execute a REXX program
  REXX Boolean operators
  Comparison of CLIST language and REXX
  REXX Comparison operators
  REXX Debugging: the TRACE verb
  Reserved REXX Variables
  Executing REXX through JCL.
  Writing ISPF Edit Macros in REXX
  Just Enough SQL/QMF/SPUFI To Be Dangerous
  QMF Procedures Written in REXX
  Using REXX Subroutines with the QMF Calc panel
  Using QMF to Execute Your SQL
  QMF Cheat Sheet. Edit codes. QMF Commands, Text Variables, Usage Codes
  Embedded SQL. Short tutorial
  Executing SQL in a batch job
  Using Spufi to Execute Your SQL
  TSO/ISPF: Just enough to get you started
  TSO/ISPF: Running ISPF in Batch, through JCL
  ISPF Variables and ISPF Control Variables
  TSO Line Mode Commands (such as DELETE, HRECALL, ALLOCATE, Line Mode EDIT)
  JCL Just Examples.
  What is EBCDIC like? How is EBCDIC like ASCII? Hex codes.
  Useful charts and tables
  Mainframe Abend Codes
  VSAM and QSAM file status keys/codes
  SQLCODES and Their Causes
  REXX error codes (RC)
System Abend codes, Sqlcodes, VSAM/QSAM codes
Everything about the IBM AS/400 Midrange Computer - iSeries
Everything about CICS
Everything about COBOL
Everything about DB2 and SQL
Everything about IMS
Everything about Java and JavaScript
Everything about JCL and JES
Everything about REXX
Everything about zOS, VSAM, Tivoli, Assembler
Everything about TSO, ISPF, Spufi
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Programming Manuals and Tutorials

AS/400, OS400

Here are the most useful manuals and tutorials on the IBM AS400 Midrange computer.
The IBM AS400 is an extremely powerful midrange computer. It has all the functionality of mainframes. With the AS/400 operating system, it hosts server software, databases, mail servers.
It supports application development with CICS, COBOL, REXX, JAVA, C, C++, SQL, and more.
Mastery of CL leads to mastery of the AS/400.

For answers of greater depth, look at these AS/400 books

We have attempted to place the most recent manuals first.
This page was last updated January 04 2014.

AS/400, OS400 Manuals and Tutorials

Start here for all ISeries manuals From IBM. Find As/400 manuals here. This appears to be the latest, as of Dec 2013.

CICS for ISeries manual From IBM. PDF

CICS ISeries Application programming guide From IBM. PDF

ISeries CL manuals From IBM. Several PDF's

Embedded SQL ISeries manual From IBM. PDF

REXX/400 programmer's guide From IBM. PDF

REXX/400 reference From IBM. PDF

SQL programming manual From IBM. PDF

SQL reference manual From IBM. PDF

List of manuals on AIX From IBM

AS400: DB2 UDB for AS/400 SQL Programming Concepts. V4R5. From IBM.

For programmers who want to write applications that will use SQL to access an AS/400 database. AS400: SQL Reference. V4R5. From IBM.

AS400: DB2 UDB for iSeries Query Management Programming V5R1 from IBM

AS400: DB2 UDB for iSeries Database Programming V5R1 from IBM

AS400: DB2 UDB for iSeries SQL Programming Concepts V5R1 from IBM

AS400: DB2 Universal Database for iSeries SQL Reference V5R1 from IBM

AS400: DB2 UDB for iSeries SQLCODEs and SQLSTATEs V5R1 from IBM

Embedded SQL on the AS/400. COBOL, C, PLI, RPG, REXX, Fortran. This book explains to programmers and database administrators how to create database applications in host languages that use DB2 UDB for iSeries SQL statements and functions. AS400: DB2 UDB for iSeries SQL Programming with Host Languages V5R1

AS400: IBM DB2 AS/400 Text Extender Administration and Programming [Warning Link to LARGE PDF] V5R1

AS400: IBM DB2 AS/400 XML Extender Administration and Programming [Warning Link to LARGE PDF] V5R1

For people creating query reports and managing data on the AS/400 system AS400: Query/400. V4R5. From IBM.

AS400: Query/400 V5R1 from IBM

AS400: DB2 UDB for iSeries Database Performance and Query Optimization V5R1

DB2 UDB V5R2 for iSeries (AS/400, Risc 6000) link to list of publications.

AS400: COBOL/400 Reference. From IBM. 1994.

AS400: COBOL/400 User's Guide. From IBM. 1994

AS400: ILE COBOL for AS/400 Programmer's Guide. From IBM. 1999

AS400: ILE COBOL for AS/400 Reference. From IBM. 1999

AS400: COBOL/400 Reference [Link to very large PDF] V5R1 1994

AS400: COBOL/400 User's Guide [Link to large PDF] V5R1 1994

This book describes concepts and terminology for the Integrated Language Environment (ILE) architecture of the OS/400(R) operating system. Topics covered include module creation, binding, how to run and debug programs, and exception handling. AS400: COBOL/400 ILE Concepts [Link to PDF] V5R1 2001

This book contains Integrated Language Environment (ILE) application examples, the steps needed to complete the presented examples, and discussions of those examples. The topics covered include the ILE environment, modularity, debugging, activation groups, service programs, and updating ILE programs. AS400: COBOL/400 ILE Application Development Example [Link to PDF] V5R1 1997

This guide describes how to write, compile, bind, run, debug, and maintain ILE COBOL programs on iSeries servers. It provides programming information on how to call other ILE COBOL and non-ILE COBOL programs, share data with other programs, use pointers, and handle exceptions. It also describes how to perform input/output operations on externally attached devices, database files, display files, and ICF files. AS400: COBOL/400 ILE COBOL Programmer's Guide [Link to large PDF] V5R1 2001

This reference describes the ILE COBOL programming language. It provides information on the structure of the ILE COBOL programming language and the structure of an ILE COBOL source program. It also provides a description of all Identification Division paragraphs, Environment Division clauses, Data Division clauses, Procedure Division statements, and Compiler-Directing statements. AS400: COBOL/400 ILE COBOL Reference [Link to large PDF] V5R1 2001

This summary contains all the COBOL statements and related information you may need to refer to when programming in ILE COBOL. AS400: COBOL/400 ILE COBOL Reference Summary [Link to PDF] V5R1 2001

Overview of Java on the AS/400 system. AS400: Getting started with Java. V4R4. From IBM.

AS400: IBM Toolbox for Java from IBM [Link to PDF] 2001

AS400: Getting started with Java and iSeries V5R1

AS400: Control Language (CL) V5R2

For the AS/400 system or application programmer, who wants to learn how to use REXX on the AS/400 AS400: REXX/400 Programmer's Guide. V4R1. From IBM. 1997

AS400: AS/400 REXX/400 Reference V4R1. V4R1. From IBM. 1997

AS400: REXX/400 Programmer's Guide [Link to PDF] V5R1 1997

AS400: REXX/400 Reference [Link to PDF] V5R1 1997

AS400: Running an AS/400 REXX program from IBM

Object REXX AS400: Object REXX for AIX Programming Guide 2001

Object REXX AS400: Object REXX for AIX Reference 2001

AS400: List of Tivoli Redbooks for iSeries that you can read online.

AS400: List of manuals for WebSphere Application Server for iSeries that you can read online.

AS400: File Management. This book is intended primarily for the application programmer. This book should also be useful for those responsible for tailoring their system to use double-byte data with the data management file support. PDF 2002

AS400: Integrated File System PDF 2002

AS400: Eserver iSeries Backup and Recovery [Link to PDF] V5R1 2001

AS400: Data Replication Guide [Link to PDF] V5R1 2000

This book gives you a quick reference to the level of support that each member of the CICS family gives to the CICS application programming interface (API) and the system programming INQUIRE and SET commands. It complements the reference information for the API and system programming interface (SPI) in the appropriate books for each member. AS400: CICS Family: API Structure [Link to PDF] V5R1 1997

This manual assumes that you know about CICS in general, and about application programming in particular. If you are not experienced in CICS, this manual also has introductory material. AS400: CICS Family: Application Programming Guide [Link to PDF] V5R1 1998

This book describes how you can connect CICS systems, and explains what functions those connected CICS systems can use. The following groups of CICS systems are discussed: CICS on System/390(R), CICS for Windows(R) NT(R), Transaction Server for Windows NT, CICS on Open Systems, CICS for OS/400(R), and CICS clients. AS400: CICS Family: Inter-Product Communications [Link to PDF] V5R1 1999

This book contains information relevant to the operation and administration of an IBM CICS/400 system. It provides an overview of CICS/400, and then addresses the following major topics: characteristics and architecture of a CICS/400 system, CICS resource definition, operating procedures (including starting and ending CICS/400 shells and control regions), and CICS-supplied transactions (including the master terminal transaction CEMT that helps you administer your CICS/400 system). AS400: CICS/400 Administration and Operations Guide [Link to PDF] V5R1 1995

This book describes how to troubleshoot problems in CICS/400. This book starts with the symptoms of the problem, and uses these symptoms to classify the problem. For each class of problems, possible causes and suggested techniques that you can use to establish the cause of the problem. AS400: CICS/400 Problem Determination [Link to PDF] V5R1 1994

AS400: Tutorial from TexAS400 Tutorial. Excellent.

AS400: Tutorial in Spanish

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