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COBOL Bookstore

The reports of the death of COBOL are greatly exaggerated. COBOL will be an important programming language for many years to come.
COBOL Books on this page, including:
Murach's Mainframe COBOL
Murach's Structured COBOL
COBOL Unleashed
COBOL For Dummies® Quick Reference
Teach Yourself Cobol in 24 Hours
Mastering Cobol
Cobol Programming Starter Kit
Using Micro Focus Cobol Workbench

A Simplified Guide to Structured Cobol Programming
Simplified Structured Cobol With Microsoft/Microfocus Cobol
Structured Cobol Programming
Model Programs for Business Applications
Introduction to Object COBOL
Java for COBOL Programmers
IBM Visualage Cobol
We have books by such respected authors as Gary D. Brown and James Janossy
Many books are available only used.

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Featured COBOL Books

[Structured Cobol Programming]
COBOL for the 21st Century 11th Edition

By Stern, Stern and Ley

Not for the beginner in COBOL programming. If you have some experience in programming, this is the book for you. The authors are experts in their field.
Contains COBOL 2008.
Published August 2005, and updated in 2013.
High price, with some available used at a lower price. Be sure to get THIS ISBN.
Inspect/Order COBOL for the 21st Century 11th Edition

[AS/400 COBOL book]
Programming in COBOL/400

By James Cooper, Stern

Systems programmers and computer students will find extensive coverage of interactive programming and subfile programming, details of COBOL/400 enhancements for AS/400 technology, including physical files, logical files, printer files, and subfiles.
Inspect/Order Programming in COBOL/400

[COBOL book]
COBOL Unleashed

By Jon Wessler

COBOL Unleashed presents real-world solutions to the key programming problems facing COBOL programmers today. Client/Server COBOL. - COBOL Database programming. - Transaction Processing. - Dynamic File Allocation. - Object-Oriented COBOL and COBOL 9X.
Inspect/Order COBOL Unleashed

[Teach Yourself Cobol book]
Teach Yourself Cobol in 24 Hours

By Thane Hubbell

Learn the basics of COBOL programming in 24 lessons.
Inspect/Order Teach Yourself Cobol in 24 Hours

[Mastering Cobol book]
Mastering Cobol

By Carol Baroudi

Here is a book that teaches the undocumented art of modifying legacy code and the unique skills required.
Inspect/Order Mastering Cobol

[Micro Focus Cobol book]
Using Micro Focus Cobol Workbench

By Leona Roen

Inspect/Order Using Micro Focus Cobol Workbench

[Structured COBOL book]
Murach's Structured COBOL

By Mike Murach, Anne Prince, Raul Menendez

Three of Mike Murach's most seasoned authors bring you a new book on COBOL! This is truly a new book. In fact, it's at least 6 books in one. Modern COBOL. CICS basics, DB2 basics, TSO/ISPF, Microfocus/Merant COBOL, and Object Oriented COBOL. Presented in the usual Murach style - clear, uncluttered, logical and interesting! Listen! I'm an author and I wish I had written this book. I'm a trainer and will bring this book into the class the next time I teach COBOL. This is a ready-made course! I'm a programming contractor and this book is always my desk because the book uses the words "how to ..." a few thousand times.
Inspect/Order Murach's Structured COBOL

[Structured COBOL book]
Structured Programming With Cobol Examples

By Earl H. Parsons

The principles of structured programming are applied to solving business problems, and then examples are given in structured COBOL.
Inspect/Order Structured Programming With Cobol Examples

[OO Cobol book]
Introduction to Object COBOL

By E. Reed Duke

COBOL and OO! What a combination. Don't neglect this important addition to your bag of tricks. An Introduction to Object COBOL is a concise and accessible introduction to using Object COBOL. You'll discover how object technology is applied and how the resulting Object COBOL code is constructed. All of the programs included in the text can be downloaded from the Wiley web site (www.wiley.com/college/).
Inspect/Order Introduction to Object COBOL

[OO Cobol book]
Advanced COBOL for Structured and Object-Oriented Programming, 3rd Edition

By Gary DeWard Brown

There are only a few authors whose books you can safely buy, sight-unseen, just based on the reputation of the author. Gary DeWard Brown is one of them. This is the on-the-job reference of choice for experienced COBOL programmers and should be on every serious COBOL programmer's desk.
Inspect/Order Advanced COBOL for Structured and Object-Oriented Programming

[Structured COBOL book]
Murach's Mainframe COBOL

By Mike Murach, Anne Prince, Raul Menendez

New! This is mainframe COBOL, and only mainframe COBOL, so no time is wasted on lesser systems. The time saved is put to good use in the first really good explanation of the IBM mainframe that I have seen in several years! You'll learn how to use ISPF to create data files and program libraries, to edit programs, submit test jobs and view the resulting output online.
Those programmers who use DB2. CICS and VSAM will find excellent introductions in this book.
In short, this book is the best choice for the programmer who is new to the mainframe, seasoned individuals returning to it after several years, and programmers currently working with mainframe COBOL who want to learn COBOL in depth.
Murach books are filled with the words "how to...", so you know that the knowledge isn't theoretical.
Inspect/Order Murach's Mainframe COBOL

[COBOL book]
The Power of COBOL: for Systems Developers of the 21st Century

By Rui Bivar De Oliveira

A COBOL book published as recently as 2006. Now there's a Kindle edition.
Inspect/Order COBOL Unleashed

[OO Cobol book]
Object-Oriented COBOL

By Edmund C. Arranga

How to migrate legacy COBOL to OO. Gets you from the "old COBOL" way of thinking to the new, Object-Oriented methodology in a short time.
Inspect/Order Object-Oriented COBOL

[Object-Oriented Java Cobol book]
COBOL Programmers Swing with Java

By E. Reed Doke

Many people report that it's hard to make the transition from COBOL type programming to Java. This book will help. COBOL Programmers Swing to Java provides COBOL programmers a clear, easy transition to Java programming by drawing on the numerous similarities between COBOL and Java.
Inspect/Order COBOL Programmers Swing with Java

[OO Cobol book]

By Markus Knasmüller

This book gives experienced COBOL programmers the tools needed to become good Object-Oriented programmers. An experienced programmer who knows COBOL is much more valuable to an employer than a naive, inexperienced programmer who has memorized the syntax of Java.
Inspect/Order From COBOL to OOP

[IBM Visualage Cobol Redbooks]
IBM Visualage Cobol Remote Edit/Compile/Debug: Taking Cobol to the Next Level

By IBM Redbooks

Inspect/Order IBM Visualage Cobol Remote Edit/Compile/Debug

[OO Cobol book]
Java for COBOL Programmers (2nd Edition)

By John C. Byrne

This book uses COBOL examples to teach object-oriented principles and Java syntax. The book is intended for COBOL programmers moving to Java. It does not assume knowledge of C or C++.
Inspect/Order Java for COBOL Programmers (2nd Edition)

[Java Cobol book]
Java for S/390® and AS/400® COBOL Programmers

By Phil Coulthard

Helps COBOL programmers make the jump to Java, with numerous comparisons with COBOL. Intended for programmers on the AS/400 and S/390.
Inspect/Order Java for S/390® and AS/400® COBOL Programmers

Check to see if any new books have been published on COBOL: Books on COBOL at Amazon.com

IBM Redbooks on COBOL
[Microfocus Cobol]
Using Microfocus Personal Cobol

By Mark W. Smith

Published in 1994 about the popular Microfocus (Merant) workbench.
Inspect/Order Using Microfocus Personal Cobol

[Structured Microfocus Cobol book]
Simplified Structured Cobol With Microsoft/Microfocus Cobol

By McCracken and Golden

Two well known and respected authors combine to bring you a worthwhile book. Fundamental algorithms, principles of good programming, and debugging techniques.
Inspect/Order Simplified Structured Cobol With Microsoft/Microfocus Cobol

[cobol book]
A Simplified Guide to Structured Cobol Programming

By Daniel D. McCracken, Donald G. Golden

McCracken is a seasoned author! He has been very successful with his books. He must be doing something right!.
Inspect/Order A Simplified Guide to Structured Cobol Programming

COBOL for OS/390 Power Programming

By David Shelby Kirk

This is in-depth COBOL. The JCL you need is also covered. Check it out at MVS-Training.
Inspect/Order COBOL for OS/390 Power Programming from MVS-Training

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